The Drowner

 In Private Wealth

Another of the 5 D’s you could be is a Drowner. Check out the traits of a drowner below.

Positive Traits: Cautious – Concerned – Desires order – Seeks help

The good news is – you’ve kept every detail of your financial life…ever! The bad news is it is entirely overwhelming and you don’t understand much of it at all. You’re paralysed by the complexity and while you are acutely aware that it’s important you don’t know what to do with it all.

Typically you feel anxious about life and financial matters and are always meaning to get some help but don’t quite get around to it because it is just… too hard.

The Drowner would benefit greatly with help in sorting through all of the unopened statements and providing education to demystify the complexity.

The Drowner is typically the easiest class of people to help as they have a commitment to bettering their future.

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