How do I get my financial matters sorted?

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Getting your financial affairs in order is complex – but it isn’t complicated.

Step 1. Work out where you are

Step 2. Work out where you want/need to be

Step 3. Create a profile of yourself – reviewing Investment/Superannuation and Personal Protection/Estate Planning

Step 4. Once done clearly evaluating your goals, build the path forward by highlighting the strengths and weaknesses and get the education you need to fill in some of the gaps and reinforce some of the strengths.

Step 5. Get the advice you need – not always the advice you want… and start on the path.

Step 6. Constantly review and revise your plan – Things are changing. Always.

To start this process now – call:

James Mousa – 0415 224 586


Rhianne Rees – 0415 554 950

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