I’m in my early 20’s… I don’t have anything… I don’t need advice…

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You’re only fresh out of school – maybe you’re working your way through a degree, or working a few jobs… or trying desperately to secure a trade. You might not have any assets other than your Car and a few tiny super funds and the thought of getting professional advice seems ridiculous (and sounds expensive).

I’d like to challenge you on that… on both counts.

The expensive argument won’t stack up. We don’t charge for our initial consultations or any of our follow up education sessions – we are dedicated to improving the lives of future generations and know that it doesn’t make good sense to charge those who can least afford it. We have factored in to our business model to provide this education and don’t want it to be out of reach for you.

Is getting advice early ridiculous? Here’s what I know for sure – you have two choices. You can ignore these things when you are in the perfect position to set them all up properly, which will result in you doing what millions of people do later in life and panic when it is getting later and harder to do anything about it. Or you can get the right education up front and setup these critical financial matters when making good choices actually matters. Waiting until you are in your 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s to start thinking through financial concerns is costing you in the end.

You can do what nearly every generation before you has failed to do – and that is to take control of the future through education and informed decisions… that makes perfect sense.

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