Life Sumo (Life Support Modules) is the education we should have received in high school but never did. Focused on living big, Life Sumo provides short and engaging video content to help raise the collective intellect and help young Australians get a handle on a very complicated and complex life across the broadest cross-section of subjects – ranging from the complexities of Tax and Super, to how to boil an egg or change a car tyre.

With our purpose being assisting in facilitating financial freedom and improved education for young Australians – Life Sumo’s Financial Services division is committed to providing education and complete, affordable financial services for all young Australians who are committed to thriving and not just surviving a world framed for mediocrity.

It is our core belief that by raising the collective intellect, we empower young people to make more informed choices and not be ignorant –

putting the power and their destiny back in their hands – meaning they don’t just live… but they live big.

Life Sumo’s Financial Services division offer education and assistance with:

  • The nuts and bolts of finance
  • Home ownership
  • Education and the future of careers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Long term investment including Superannuation and Private Investment
  • Personal Protection
  • Investment
  • Business Consultancy